Baby Cribs are More Than Just Furniture!

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Purchasing a crib is a critical decision for new parents. A baby crib is the focal point of the nursery, but more importantly it must be a safe place for the baby to rest while mom and dad are not in the room. Think about it! Your infant will spend most of her time away from caregivers in the crib. So selecting the safest crib for your newborn is of utmost importance; it will become the centerpiece of a warm, inviting nursery as well as the safest place when not in mommy’s arms.

The first choice you’ll need to make is which style tempat tidur bayi you would like for the d├ęcor of your baby’s nursery. There are a variety of styles of cribs available nowadays.
The first and most common is the standard crib. When selecting the standard baby crib you need to be mindful of the two types of models.

Standard baby cribs either have a single drop side or a double drop side where both sides drop down. It depends on your needs and where you would like to position the baby crib in your nursery.

The standard baby crib will provide the classic baby nursery look; however it will not provide the longevity on the next option, the convertible baby crib.

Convertible cribs convert to a toddler bed from standard crib. These cribs even have the possibility to change from a toddler bed into a day or full sized bed. This long lasting feature offered by convertible cribs makes them a very attractive choice for new parents. Although they are a more costly item when new baby expenses are all ready piling up the convertible baby crib can ideally save you money in the long run.

Next in line would be canopy cribs have four posts on the corners of the bed. These posts hold up a usually metal frame on which you can place fabric canopies. Parents who buy canopy cribs want a more elegant & sophisticated design for their nursery. Round cribs are gaining popularity. Round cribs come with a canopy frame and they add a touch of class to your baby’s nursery. Round Cribs usually have large double wheel casters which make the round crib easy to move when you need to move to another area.

Let’s say you have guests and you want to have them sleep in peace and quiet, you can roll the baby in his/her round crib in your bedroom. Round Crib locks into place when you have found the perfect spot for it. Round baby cribs give the look and feel of a canopy yet round baby cribs add mobility for the parents.

For the traveling parents, a portable crib is an option. Portable Cribs give parents the flexibility of taking their child anywhere to get a good night sleep. The portable crib goes anywhere and everywhere you go. Bring the comforts of home when you travel – whether on vacation or just visiting Grandpa. The portable crib folds compactly to easily carry with you. Some portable cribs, convert into a comfortable crib mattress when your child outgrows the bassinet. Parents who travel often may consider the standard baby crib for home and opt for a portable crib when out and about.

Once you have decided the type of baby crib you’d like begin to shop around. For starters, research the names of reputable furniture stores and crib manufacturer.

Your shopping experience for baby cribs is one that is propelled by finding the best for baby. This isn’t a time to bargain hunt. Locate a store or showroom browse around and inspect the construction of the available cribs. Any crib worth considering should be made with a sturdy construction. The frame of the baby crib must be solid and secure. If possible check to see if the crib is stable in all positions as most baby cribs on the market today convert and adjust to grow along with the child. Inquire about when and where the baby crib was manufactured. If interested, learn the type of wood from which the baby crib is constructed. Be sure to verify that the baby crib comes complete with instruction and warranty.

When your choice is finalized and the crib arrives in your home there are a variety of safety matters that need to be put in place. The first begins with assembly. Be sure to follow all instructions. Test again to ensure that the crib is sturdy and secure as it was in the furniture store where you purchased it. If you opted for a crib with movable parts be sure all sides or rails lock into place. Nothing could be worse than the thought of the baby injuring himself while holding onto ill-assembled crib rails. When placing the mattress inside the frame of the baby crib make sure they are right against all of the sides of the crib sets. You would not want your child’s foot to get lodged between the crib and mattress. Over time any mattress that appears worn or ill-fitted to the crib frame should be replaced immediately.

Before long, the time will come when you can adorn your crib with the bedding. Some safety rules will apply here as well. You should always take off any jewelry, pillows or stuffed animals from the baby when you place them into the baby cribs. This will keep the baby safe from any choking or suffocation hazard. Do not place the crib sets close to windows, lamps, electrical plugs or curtains. Soft pillows, mattresses, comforters, stuffed toys and bumper pads are not be used in cribs sets. When babies play with toys in the crib they should be supervised. As your child grows it is important to reassess the safety of the baby crib.

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