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Chocolate Labrador Retrievers, like large energetic candy bars, are growing in popularity in the U.S. Once viewed as second rate to other Labs, chocolate Labs are now becoming desirable. Chocolate Labs are the least common of the three true Labrador Retriever colors: black, chocolate, and yellow. In that sense, they are a “rare” dog.

Because they are still fairly uncommon, it can be difficult for proud owners to find images of their chosen breed, especially puppies. Such images are available, however, and the suggestions below may be of help.

Black and White Images of Chocolate Labs

Black and white images of Chocolate Labs Colorado cannot portray their “chocolateness” in its uniqueness from other Labrador Retrievers. The shape of a Labrador’s body will always be the same, and without color, chocolate Lab dog art work becomes simply Lab dog art work.

Black and white images of chocolate Labs can, however, please proud owners of these affectionate, eager dogs. Chocolate Lab dog art work, photos, and other images can be found on websites such as Webshots and Clipart. Owners who are comfortable with a graphics program such as PhotoShop can quickly change any of these to black and white images. Whether the Labradors are black or chocolate in the original makes little difference in black and white images.

Your puppy’s own photograph can be scanned into a computer and changed to a black and white image.

Chocolate Lab Dog Art Work

Chocolate Lab dog art work can be found on the websites of several artists. Most of the paintings we found were hunting scenes, which will please the owner of a gun dog – or a Labrador puppy that dreams of becoming a gundog. When searching for chocolate Lab dog art work, try making art and work one word: artwork. Do a search with the word “print” or “painting” instead of art work. These various combinations should get the results you need.

Chocolate Lab dog art work is not limited, of course, to wall hangings. You can find chocolate Lab dog art work on many things.

Chocolate Lab Mailboxes

Proud owners can proclaim their love of the breed to the world with Chocolate Lab mailboxes. Look for such mailboxes at Labrador Retriever gift stores. A quick search of the Internet will bring results such as these:

1. White mailbox with chocolate Lab head beside your name and address

2. White Box with grass and flower pattern, chocolate Lab lying atop it

3. Chocolate mailbox with chocolate legs, head, and tail attached

Chocolate Labrador Retriever Figures

Chocolate Lab dog art work can be expressed in figures – bookends, figurines, and small statuettes for indoors or front porch. Again, Labrador Retriever gift stores would be a good place to hunt. If the figurine or statuette is bronze, it can be a black or chocolate Lab. Try a company such as Sandicast for lifelike chocolate Labrador Retriever figures.

Clothing Images and More

Black and white images of chocolate Labs, as well as more colorful Chocolate Lab dog art work, can often be found on shirts, caps, and bags. If you want a do-it-yourself project, you can create your own chocolate Lab images on clothing, mugs, and more at Café Press. You supply the design, and they produce professional results for you. Or you can purchase one of the many chocolate Lab designs created by other amateurs like yourself.

Black and white images of chocolate Labs are less common, but we found a beautiful one on T-shirts at All Dogs. The same black and white image is available on a number of things there – including postage stamps.

Helpful Tip

Your Chocolate Lab dog art work search will go better if you try a variety of words in your search. Unless you specifically want a wall hanging, a framed picture, try adding words such as “card” or “figures” to your search entry. You may be surprised at the variety of chocolate Lab items available.

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