Green and Greener Replacement Windows


Some things can’t be replaced, like Ming Dynasty vases. If you break your mother-in-law’s prized Ming vase, it’s probably best to just slip out the side door and call your spouse after you’ve made your getaway. Fortunately, though, some things are easily replaced, including toothbrushes, batteries, filters, and windows for your home. In fact, if you’re looking to increase your home’s value, add curb appeal, and cut your heating and cooling bills, there isn’t a much better means of achieving those goals than installing replacement windows.

Whether you just want to spruce up your home or you’re considering putting it on the market, few home improvements give you more bang for your improvement buck than changing out those antiquated, fusty dormers. prijsaanvraag voor een dakkapel kunststof are leaky and drafty. It just makes sound financial sense to change them out for newer models that are more energy friendly. A variety of energy efficient options are available so homeowners can select the ones that are just right for their climate. Energy savings means you’re being eco-friendly, so if you’re the consumer who rinses out your plastic bags and reuses them, you’ll be able to sneak into the driveway in your silent electric car and sit and gaze at your green windows, feeling smug about doing your part to save the planet.

Aesthetically speaking, replacement windows come in many designs and colors. So if being green isn’t important, but you think some shamrock-hued casements will really enhance your home’s appearance, you can have them. Custom coloring also allows homeowners to perfectly match their former color if they’re happy with their home’s current palette.

Replacement double hungs don’t flake and peel. They also don’t get hopelessly stuck. Your butter knives can go back to being used for spreading butter, rather than being instruments of scraping, prizing, and cuticle shredding. Replacement windows also have many user-friendly options for easy opening and raising, along with latches that provide security when you’d like to throw them open and breathe in that (hopefully) fresh air.

Unlike other home improvements that are all or nothing, there is no set or prescribed quantity when installing replacement windows. Homeowners can replace as many, or as few, as they like. Replace only those on the front of the house, and no one but you will be the wiser.

Changing out a home’s windows is an easily achievable improvement that can enhance the home’s appearance as well as the comfort of its inhabitants. It is as simple as finalizing the window budget, settling on the desired level of energy savings, determining the color scheme, and deciding which user options are must haves.




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