Should You Optimize Your Main Website URL Or Should You Optimize Specific Web Pages?

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In my opinion because your main home page is usually the most popular page on your site, it would be easier to optimize your main URL for your main keywords but if you have many keywords that you want to target I would optimize your main URL for your main keywords and I would also optimize other specific pages on your site for your less competitive keywords.

If you try and optimize your home page for too many different keywords you could be diluting your efforts, so I prefer to create additional pages for different keywords.

I often create copies of the home page and change the keywords on the copy of the page to match the keywords I am targeting. This works well for me and Google has not penalized me in any way, I am not saying it is always going to work but it works well at the moment.

Your copy pages and extra Keyword specific pages do not need to be in your ufabet เว็บหลัก menu but it would be good to link to them internally in some way so that Google knows they exist.

As far as I am concerned Google does not particularly differentiate between website and web page, so I you have these extra pages and you get your internal link right then in essence Google could see your site as being more powerful and popular.

So, lets say you have 10 products on your site, what I would do is instead of just having all of the products on one page, I would create a new page for each of the products and make each of those pages relevant to those particular products and keywords.

Not only will it give Google more pages to offer in its search results they will be highly relevant for particular products and this alone will increase conversion rates when someone arrive at your pages, because they are seeing immediately what they searched for.

I would use every excuse possible for creating new keyword related pages on your site, and if you can vary the content but keep it relevant that will help with your SEO.


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