Some Things to Think About When Buying a Snowblower

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For those of us who live in areas that get a lot of snow in the winter, or for people who are unable to remove snow due to physical difficulty a snowblower would be a good idea. There are two types of snowblower, single stage and double stage so which one would be best for you and your yard? if you only have light snowfall you might find a single stage machine is good enough. For areas that experience very heavy falls of snow or you need to clear large areas a double stage machine would probably be more suitable.

Which Type of Snowblower Do You Need?

When deciding on the type and model to be purchased take into account the size of the area carefully. Fit the width of the pathway you want to clear with the clearing width of the model of honda snowblower, to keep to a minimum the passes you’ll need to perform. Also consider the annual snowfall in your region and how ‘packable’ it is. If you experience about fifty or more inches of snowfall a winter a single stage snowblower would be up to the job. For much more than this or for regions where the snow is typically wet through you will really be better off with a double stage snowblower with a motor of seven hp or higher.

Different Types of Snowblowers

In a single stage snowblower a drum rotates and cuts the snow which is then lifted to be sent out through a chute. In a double stage snowblower the snow is cut but then impellers take over to toss the snow into the chute. As a result the snow is thrown further and with greater power and you can clear the snow much faster. For both these types the discharge can be adjusted by the angle and the direction. A double stage snowblower requires more power so a larger motor is needed which increases the cost of manufacture.

Single Stage Snowblowers

Carefully think about the clearing path when you are purchasing a snowblower. Single stage snowblowers have clearing paths between 20 and 22″ which is acceptable for small areas but would result in many passes for a large area. They are quite easy to maintain and being small and compact are much easier to store than a much larger double stage snowblower. Also look at the wheels. Larger wheels improve propulsion as the blades of the auger can bite into the ground better and which helps to push the snowblower forwards. A single stage snowblower purchased new is usually between $250 and $600 with the higher priced snowblowers usually having a wider clearing path.

Double Stage Snowblowers

For double stage snowblowers clearing paths usually vary between twenty four to thirty inches with motors from about 7hp to thirteen hp. Prices vary from about $650  to in excess of $2000 for a sturdy, heavy duty machine for extremely large area such as golf courses or parks. For the majority of householders, with a large area to clear, a more reasonably priced medium range machine with a 7-9 horse power motor and a clearing path around 25″ ought to be .


Craftsman snowblowers have a Briggs & Stratton engines which need no pre-mixing of oil and gas and have lower emissions and less noise and vibration. A lot of of the models have electric starters which are a great deal easier to work with when the weather is very cold than a recoil start. Honda snowblowers have Honda Overhead Cam engines which will run for around ninety minutes on one fill up of gas.

Snowblower Weights and Sizes

An important consideration before you buy a machine is to find out how much it weighs and if you have room for storage. Some snowblowers are very heavy and this can be  problem if you will be moving the machine up and down steps to store it away for the summer. Some machines, particularly double stage snowblowers are very bulky so make sure you have adequate room for storage.

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